Samuel Green, Jr.


Welcome! My name is Samuel Green and I am a facilitator, coach, and strategist who loves God and people.Based in Columbia, South Carolina, I specialize in designing experiences that lead to transformation and that transform dreams into reality.   My passion is in having this transformation happen through group facilitation along with leadership and event consulting.

A few of my accomplishments include:

When it comes to events and meeting planning, I lead organizations and individuals in how to design intentional experiences for people to meet God and see themselves as victorious agents of hope. I incorporate the critical component of leadership development into every endeavor in which I participate through developing tools and resources for leaders and aspiring leaders to plan, reflect, and execute dreams into realities. As a coach who has a message to share with the world about resilience, vision, and consciousness, among other things, I speak and write about my experiences navigating life as millennial of faith, my mission to serve God, and my passion for helping others develop leadership skills to conquer any challenge.

I am on an ongoing journey to live an authentic life that expresses my love for God, self, family and people. I believe that each one of us are uniquely crafted as a part of God’s masterpiece.  As a millennial, I have had to make sense of what it means to have faith and pursue my dreams in a chaotic world. I have discovered that plans will fail, and that you will often have to plan again, however what matters most are the actions we take after a major obstacle to tenaciously keep moving towards our true purpose.

I truly believe that the future of our world depends on our ability to learn from our past and build our future with determination for success. Through courage, we can envision a world that embraces transformation from mediocrity to next-level innovation.

I am interested in partnering with you to help transform your dreams into reality.