Developing a Sense of Purpose

Are you struggling with finding joy in your work, vocation, or ministry? Do you feel that even with all of your best preparation and efforts, you are not achieving your goals?

I have had similar conversations with millennials and other generations who have experienced feelings of inadequacy, loss of direction, and struggling with purpose. There is no shortage of books out there on how to find your purpose and calling. I have found several of these books, such as The Purpose Driven Life, Instinct, and The Art of Work, to be helpful in recognizing the value of pursuing a life plan that aligns with who we were created to be. They have all been useful for me during certain points of my life when I have struggled to know the answer to the question, "What on earth am I here for?"

While I do not profess to be an expert on navigating the journey of life, I am holding on to the faith that lets me know that I will be alright. We have the freedom to choose the mindset of a positive outcome despite our circumstances. This is not always so easy. But often if we look back on our previous circumstances, we can learn a lot about ourselves and the power we have within us to sustain.

Are you looking for help developing a sense of purpose? My one-on-one spiritual coaching and personal development services may be right for you.


Samuel Green Jr. is a Columbia, South Carolina-based spiritual counselor and life coach who helps others on their personal path to discovery. Through one-on-one coaching sessions in person or virtually, Samuel works with individuals of all ages to share God’s message of hope and resilience. If you or a loved one are looking for a coach or mentor to help put you on the path to discovery in God’s light, contact Samuel Green Jr.