Why work with me? When you contact Samuel Green, Jr., you are able to get an inspirational life coach, motivational speaker, workshop teacher, as well as coaching and consulting in an array of areas. I’m always looking to engage with new communities and share my knowledge. I have active experience organizing and giving motivational speeches and life coaching courses to audiences inside and outside the church.

I speak to groups of all ages, with a particular emphasis on teens and young adults. I welcome invitations all the time from faith-related organizations, churches, nonprofits, as well as schools and businesses.

I provide light coaching messages that focus on personal skill sets that will help to try and various obstacles throughout life. My goal is to provide everyone within my audience the resiliency and tenacity needed.

Some of the workshops I have taught in the past include:

-              Dare to Be Different

-              Management Conflict

-              Decisions, Determination, Destination

-              Dream BIG

Workshops range from light motivating to teaching life skills, the development, and leadership development. I look forward to helping students sharpen their tools and become more successful. I can create a workshop unique to your organization as well, ensuring that the audience receives the information that they need.

Consulting and coaching is also provided on a one-to-one basis, which can be beneficial for many. Areas I provide consulting and coaching in include:

-             Faith discernment

-             College and career counseling

-             Student advising

-              Brand development

-              Marketing strategy

-              Conference planning

-              Website consulting

-             Seminar development

Learn more by contacting me today for public speaking, teaching, or consulting/coaching.

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