On Writing this Blog: Making a Decision


I have had a love/hate relationship with writing for most of my life. While I enjoy the idea of producing a collection of my thoughts and ideas through something that can be read, either by pen or keyboard, the process is a pain. 

Writing is a skill that we cannot avoid. Every day we are doing some form of writing.  I remind my students this all the time when they complain about having to write an assignment for a class that written communication is an important skill for having a successful career. They complain because the writing process requires you to sit, be disciplined and commit to doing just one thing--write

I have to admit that this has been my biggest struggle. 

The one task in life that we must always accomplish is making a decision. 

Lord knows that I have struggled with making the decision of when and how to launch this blog, what to write about, whether I would be good enough, will I be successful, etc. etc. etc.

I believe that making a decision is a critical part of the human experience. There are so many factors that can hold us back from choosing to take action and follow through on our goals.

One way that we can overcome the doubt that impedes the decision-making process is to realize that journey of life can be filled with many unexpected potholes. The important step is choosing the mindset of determination in order to aim towards our destination.


I write about perseverance and created a way of living that is  rooted in what I call the 3Ds: decision, determination and destination.  

To be completely honest and transparent, my journey has not been pretty at all. I have had struggled with self-doubt and perfectionism which has caused me to self-sabotage my dreams. I am learning how to be more gracious with myself by being more patient and realizing that true success is not defined by how well you meet the standards of others, but how you continue to soar.   

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and desires to help others deal with the many questions that we face when trying to learn from the setbacks in life while still aiming for personal achievement. I believe that the combination of a resilient mindset and faith can be one of the strongest catalysts in moving forward towards wholeness. 

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