Love: An Advent Prayer

Loving God, 

You gave us the most precious gift on earth. You sent us the light we need to have hope.

Thank you for this gift that helps us to know what love really means. 

During this season, there are still moments when we are unable to experience this love.

Life has been filled with many unexpected turns and events that have caused loneliness and pain. 

Your love for us provides peace on this day. 

For when we need healing that comes through grace,                                                                       Give us strength to see and experience the love that was born into the world within a manger. 

For when we are lost and confused,                                                                                                             Guide us to love ourselves so that we can honor the life you created.

For when we struggle to find affirming communities,                                                                         Help us to find loving relationships that will give us life and not tear us down. 

For when we are afraid to love,                                                                                                                      Mend broken hearts so that we will be able to love and be loved again

For when we have lost faith,                                                                                                                           Let us see the light that shines bright because of your Son.